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Okan Halay: “We want to be part of the DELO EHF CL”

Okan Halay: “We want to be part of the DELO EHF CL”

Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK Coach Okan Halay gave an interview to Hentbolhaber.Net for the match of DELO EHF Champions Leage Qualification against ZORK Jagodina.

Haberin Tarihi: 7 Eylül 2019

HENTBOLHABER.NET – Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK coach Okan Halay said they want to start with a victory over against ZORK Jagodina at the opening game at Prag. 

Before DELO EHF Champions League Qualification matches, Kastamonu Belediyesi started with a special cup against EHF Challenge Cup participant Yenimahalle.

Okan Halay said: “In this particular prep season, as the technical staff of the team – we worked hard and we tried to make objective judgements for each and every player. We would like to see on the court what we have in mind as game plan. In the match, we would like our players to be self motivated, mentally and phisically full percent ready, in an enthusiastic – tough – agressive character.

Today, It’s going to be a difficult game. But we are good in defense,too. ZORK Jagodina is dynamic and plays tough, but we have to play tougher, otherwise we would lose. we need to fight, we have to give everything we can. This is a match that we believe we can win.

We want to exist in The DELO EHF Champions League and into challenge against our rival and play stability to ZORK Jagodina. The important thing is to play good and enjoyable games against the teams of Champions League.

We will live and see together where the results will take us to.”

Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK (TUR) vs ZORK Jagodina (SRB)
Saturday, 7 September, 18:45 CET, live on ehfTV.com

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