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Müfit Arın ; “Congratulations to my players”

Müfit Arın ; “Congratulations to my players”

Besiktas Mogaz’s Coach Müfit Arın gave some statements after game with Paris Saint Germain.

Haberin Tarihi: 4 Ekim 2015

MELİS AVCI/HENTBOLHABER.NET – The coach of Beşiktaş Mogaz HT Müfit Arın had given statements after match against Paris Saint Germain ” For Us it’s a success to such a play against such a team ” said.

Arın ” First half was bad play for them but for us it wasn’t bad in term of expectations. For Us it’s a success to play such a game against such a team. But together with the tiredness our players who just survived from injury couldn’t put addition to game point gap got increased in second half. The important thing is to take this team to here and to gave this opportunity to Turkish Hanball lovers. I Congratulate them therefore win. I Congratulate to my players therefore their performance during the game”

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