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Müfit Arın: “We improved ourselves with gaining experiences”

Müfit Arın: “We improved ourselves with gaining experiences”

Beşiktaş Mogaz HT Coach Müfit Arın gave an interwiev to Hentbolhaber.Net for the match of VELUX EHF Champions Leage game against Orlen Wisla Plock

Haberin Tarihi: 14 Kasım 2015

AYCAN AY / HENTBOLHABER.NET – Orlen Wisla Plock match is the first match, that Besiktas Mogaz is going to play after the win against PPD Zagreb. What is your opinion about Orlen Wisla Plock match and also team’s win against PPD Zagreb?

Müfit Arın said : “Wins are always beautiful, they give motivation, happiness and excitement to a team. Except for our first match of Velux EHF Champions Leauge, that we played against RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko, there was always a Besiktas fighting well in every game, but we couldn’t end up the matches how we wanted. We play in a hard group, which has best teams of Europe, but we try to keep our place in this league and fight to show our best performance. We improved ourselves with gaining experiences.

Except for having a few injured players, we are mentally good and totally motivated. Orlen Wisla Plock is one of the good and dangerous teams but we want to win. We will have more successes and wins with time. We aim to be strong in defence and score simple goals on saturday in Poland, too.”

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