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Nikolac: It’s all about defence

Nikolac: It’s all about defence

Ardeşen GSK’s rival RK Zelina’s Coach Nikola Nikolac said they’re the ones closer to the next phase in EHF Challenge Cup…

Haberin Tarihi: 15 Şubat 2015

Hentbolhaber.Net made an interview with Rukometni Klub Zelina (RK Zelina) coach Nikola Nikolac after their first match against Ardeşen GSK in Turkiye.

The teams played their first match in the last 16 pahse of European Handball Federation Challenge Cup (EHF Challenge Cup) in Ardeşen yesterday. RK Zelina fought well but couldn’t make it to the last few minutes as Aslı İskit, Left Back of Ardeşen GSK scored a few critical goals that set the score.

As the teams agreed to play both matches in Ardeşen, Crotian team will be hosting the second game and coach Nikola Nikolac said it would be huge advantage for them.

RK Zelina’s Coach said; “Our oppenent started the game well and were focused enough to maintain their lead in the match. On the other hand we were so tired and underchallenged. We played a tense game against a tough rival just before our departure. Mentally and physically, we were low. We lost the game, but did’nt loose the battle yet. We’ll be the home team in the second game and I don’t think Ardeşen will be able to score more than us. We’ll make good defence, that’s the key.”


Ardeşen RK Zelina


“Good defence is the most significant characteristic feature of our game. Even the EHF Champions League contributors of Crotian league scored maximum 25 goals against us. If we’d able to manage the game with a better defence, we’ll get the ticket to quarter finals” added Nikolac.

Nikolac mentioned about their curiosity and concern about the environment before they came to Turkiye. “Obscurity was another challenge for us. Turkish handball is still young in European court and we didn’t know much about it” said Nikolac.

With a young team with no foreign players, Nikolac said Challenge Cup is a good place to gain experience and a step for improvement. He said their aim is to be better and play among the best clubs of Europe. But it is time solve the problems one at a time. The next target is quarter finals of 2014/2015 EHF Challenge Cup…

Text: Fulya Öktem / Hentbolhaber.Net

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