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Simply the best…

Simply the best…

The man who combined intelligence, determination, modestness and strength in his personality: Ljubomir Vranjes…

Haberin Tarihi: 5 Mayıs 2015

HENTBOLHABER.NET / FULYA ÖKTEM – Ljubomir Vranjes , the man of the year, is very kind to accept our interview request following Internation Handball Federation’s announcement.

This interview gave us the chance to get a glimpse of this influential man’s life and thougths…



Hentbolhaber.Net: You are crowned as World Handball Coach of 2014 by IHF. You took more than 75% of public and media votes. Congratulations. How did you feel when you heard the news?

Ljubomir Vranjes: First of all I didn’t now what I supposed to think, it was a strange feeling… Happy off course but strange. 🙂

Hentbolhaber.Net: Even the best and brightest among us need mentors. When you’re young, did you have anyone to guide you, help you to materialize your talents?

Ljubomir Vranjes: I had some good coaches and I learned to select and learn the best from each one of them.

Hentbolhaber.Net: You’ve said handball saved you. What handball means to you?

Ljubomir Vranjes: Handball is my life. And it is not only me; I think sports saves a lot of kids out there.

Hentbolhaber.Net: What’s your formula for success?

Ljubomir Vranjes: Work hard and believe in yourself and others you work with.


Photo: Ehfcl.com

Photo: www.ehfcl.com



Hentbolhaber.Net: Handball Planet called you “an endless source of inspiration”. You gave hope and inspiration to people. What’s your secret, what’s the source of this power?

Ljubomir Vranjes: I don’t now, I mean it is great words from Handball Planet! But I think if you have joy to share and if you have fire in you and not afraid of doing mistakes, then you have a good start.

Hentbolhaber.Net: You have a very stressful job. How do you manage to be always positive and remain calm?

Ljubomir Vranjes: I think I have a good distance to my job, because it is just a job. If you don’t do it good, well, then you have to do something else. As a human being 🙂 if you are agressive all the time then it’s hard for a player to take you serious…


Prvi trening selektora Ljubomira Vranesa muske seniorske reprezentacije Srbije u SC Kovilovo u Beogradu 10. juna 2013. foto:Andrej Cukic/RSS

Serbian National Team training session with head coach Ljubomir Vranjes.  (foto:Andrej Cukic/RSS)



Hentbolhaber.Net: #LjubosJungs is not an idea anymore, it became an ideal. You are famous than your players in an unusual way. 🙂 A word created for you and your team SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Flensational. You have fans all over the world like a rock star. How does it feel to be loved so much?

Ljubomir Vranjes: It is of course great that people appreciate my work and our way to play. But when it comes to be famous, it is really not something I am thinking or aming at, I am who I am. I promised myself stand firm no matter what happens; good or bad. Once more, it is just a job and I am lucky to be able to work with what I love.



Hentbolhaber.Net: Injuries caused you a lot of trouble this season. Your co-trainer Maik Machulla and even you were dressed up for the court sometimes. How did you overcome those problems?

Ljubomir Vranjes: With some hard work from my players and with the right attitude. As a team, it is important to have a healthy attitude in the group.

Hentbolhaber.Net: SG Flensbug-Handewitt played final in DHB-Pokal four years in a row and you are qualified for Final Four again. Will you add the title to your coaching career this year?

Ljubomir Vranjes: I really hope so 🙂 that is why we are going there. The first 3 years we played against a better team, I mean THW Kiel had a better squad. But last year I think we deserved to win but unfortunately lost to Füsche Berlin in the final. It is not very often that you get what you wish for, so we are going to Hamburg to work for the title.

Hentbolhaber.Net: You give chance to young players even at the most critical moments. It’s a streching matter for a coach. How do you decide whom and when?

Ljubomir Vranjes: It is sometimes hard to explain every decision I take, but lots of them are planned before. As a coach, you have to prepare for all possibilities. Young players are hungry and the ones with me in Flensburg are fearless and I like that.


wanne vranjes - Kopya

(http://www.flensburgjournal.de/2014/02/hampus-wanne/ Photo: Jan Kirschner)



Hentbolhaber.Net: Besiktas Mogaz HT was your opponent in Champions League this season. Besiktas is an important team for Turkish handball. Fans and handball lovers would like hear your thoughts about the powerful team of the country.

Ljubomir Vranjes: I think they did well, we need more countries to invest in handball. Besiktas is a great club with great fans. Can you imagine if they have the patience to work a couple of years, it would be great for Turkish handball and also for world handball.

Hentbolhaber.Net: What are your impressions about Turkey?

Ljubomir Vranjes: My first impression is that I want to come back J, I want to see more from this country. Istanbul is a must but Turkey has a great history with a lot of culture to show the world.

Hentbolhaber.Net: Turkish handball is in development process and yes we’re late. But better late than never. What are your advices for young players and do you have a message for Turkish handball community?

Ljubomir Vranjes: You always have to start somewhere, Turkey is on the right path, maybe you need some foreign help on the way and not making the same mistakes as others already did. But you have to be patient. As you know, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque wasn’t build in one day. 🙂


FLENSBURG, GERMANY - JULY 28:  Ljubomir Vranjes, head coach of SG Flensburg Handewitt poses with the EHF Champions Leauge trophy at Nord Schrott wasteyard on July 28, 2014 in Flensburg, Germany.  (Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Ljubomir Vranjes, head coach of SG Flensburg Handewitt poses with the EHF Champions Leauge trophy at Nord Schrott wasteyard on July 28, 2014 in Flensburg, Germany. (Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images)



Hentbolhaber.Net: Ljubomir Vranjes achieved great things in handball but what is he doing when he’s not busy with handball, what are his other passions in life?

Ljubomir Vranjes: My passion is my family and to live my life, to enjoy the moments. I really try to live the way I like but you need time to do that and time is today’s luxury.

Hentbolhaber.Net: We know you’re writing a book. You’ve said you’d write about what you did wrong and what you did right. What is you biggest mistake and your major step, can you share with us?

Ljubomir Vranjes: Well, my publishers are telling me not to talk so much about my book, they say people should buy it. 🙂 It is my life from the beginning until now… We all did good and bad things in life. I am just going to try to tell my story for others and hopefully it will inspire people.

Hentbolhaber.Net: If you’re writing in English I would like to translate your book to Turkish. 🙂

Ljubomir Vranjes: Hahaha no problem 🙂

Hentbolhaber.Net: You can speak five languages. When will you start to speak Turkish? 🙂

Ljubomir Vranjes: Well maybe when I start to work in Turkey. 🙂

Hentbolhaber.Net: This is personal. You call your spouse your sweetheart and your best friend. This is romantic and enviable. We wish all the best to your loving family. What would you like to say about family/spouse support?

Ljubomir Vranjes: Family is the most important thing, if you have support and if you give support to your beloved ones what more do you need. I have a lot to thank my family for and always keep in mind what they mean to me. Family is something that grows with the years, with ups and downs, you have to be patient with each other. Then you can grow together, I hope that I someday can enjoy life as a grandfather. 🙂


vranjes and son



Hentbolhaber.Net: Thank you for this great interview. Hope to see you again in Turkiye.

Ljubomir Vranjes: Thank you so much for this kind words, really apreciate that. Teşekkürler!

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