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An inspiring surprise from Göztepe

An inspiring surprise from Göztepe

Göztepe made spectacular surprise to a little fan.

Haberin Tarihi: 15 Ekim 2015

The small surprise that “The Flying Men” has done for their fan Zeynep will surely remain an unforgettable moment for the little girl and the players alike. 

It all started with a tweet by Burak Özkahraman, Zeynep’s father. He wrote that he had been taking his daughter to Göztepe’s football matches for the last five years, and he decided to take her to a handball match, which Zeynep simply loved. Mr. Özkahraman further wrote that Zeynep said that she wanted to go to all matches of the ‘Flying Men’. This tweet brought Göztepe club to action. Preparations were made, and when Zeynep, this little girl with a big heart, came to the sports hall for the next match against Antalyaspor with her family, the whole team was ready. Neither Zeynep nor her family had a clue about what was going to happen, when suddenly İdris Tan, Göztepe’s star player, announced Zeynep’s name and invited her to the court. Let’s watch those unforgettable moments together…

Text: Altay Atlı – Melis Avcı
Video: Göztepe SK

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